Q1 2024 Market Update

Q1 2024 Market Update

The real estate landscape is undergoing a nationwide transformation, challenging the prevailing narrative of constrained housing inventory in various regions. Boston has remained steadfast in the top 3 cities leading the charge. Despite the persistent scarcity of available homes, there is a discernible surge in market activity ahead of the customary spring influx. Homeowners are increasingly opting to list their properties for sale, regardless of prevailing mortgage rates, leading to an enhancement in overall affordability.


A recent survey conducted by Zillow in the 4th quarter of 2023 shed light on homeowners' contemplation of selling their homes within the next 3 years. Notably, 21% of homeowners expressed a willingness to part with their properties. The survey also revealed a noteworthy trend: the inclination to sell was nearly identical among homeowners with mortgage rates both above and below the 5% threshold. This shift from sentiments 6 months ago suggests that interest rates are exerting less influence on homeowners' decisions to sell.


The major catalyst behind the uptick in seller activity is the prevalence of buyer's hastiness. A considerable number of individuals who entered the housing market during the buying frenzy of 2021-2022 now acknowledge succumbing to regret, resulting in the acquisition of homes that have not aligned with their long-term needs. While the flow of new listings remains gradual, there are tangible signs of improvement. This gradual increase in available properties contributes to a cautiously optimistic outlook for the real estate landscape in 2024.


Buyers who rushed into the market during the pandemic are now grappling with the consequences of impulsive decisions. The Anytime Estimate's American Home Buyer Survey, released in September 2022, confirms that nearly 75% of Americans who purchased homes in 2021 and 2022 harbor regrets. The unique challenges faced by pandemic-era buyers, such as rising prices, limited options, and extreme time pressure, led many to end up with homes that fall short of their ideals.


Compromises were rampant among pandemic-era buyers. Rushing through the buying process resulted in compromises on crucial elements, including price. Survey respondents paid a median amount of $495,000 for their homes, with almost a third paying over asking. Additionally, 80% of buyers compromised on priorities, such as the right location, opting for fixer-uppers or making offers without viewing properties in person.


To avoid buyer's remorse, experts advise thorough research, prioritization, & emotional detachment before embarking on the home-buying journey. Establishing clear priorities and deal-breakers beforehand with your real estate team can inherently expedite all parts of the process. Focusing on critical aspects like location and layout, understanding hidden maintenance costs, and avoiding unnecessary risks, such as waiving inspections, are essential steps.


We strongly recommend having a trusted real estate team as a sounding board to identify both value & potential red flags in each home. Not every property begins as a forever home, it is up to the buyer(s) to consider selling or making renovations to align the property with their needs.


For those eager to purchase, or are still grappling with homebuyer regrets, there is a silver lining. The housing market has shown signs of cooling, providing buyers with less competition, more options, and the opportunity to make informed decisions without the pressure of heated bidding wars. As the market dynamics evolve, prospective buyers can position themselves strategically with the right information and guidance, ensuring a more informed and successful homebuying experience.







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