10 Reasons to Sell Your Home this Spring

10 Reasons to Sell Your Home this Spring

1. Springtime is Ideal for Buyers

Most buyers are waiting for spring to start looking at homes. They spend winters on the cusp of the actual search and jump into it as soon as the first flowers bloom for the season. Spring invites a lot of potential buyers into the market. 

2. Sell Faster and For More Money

Because of the slower market in colder months, a spring sale happens faster and for a higher dollar amount. You may be surprised at the difference between homes sold in December and April. Pre-Covid numbers put the difference at around $10,000. Wouldn't you like to sell for $10,000 more this spring?

3. Spring Foliage Adds Curb Appeal

Spring means flowers! Gone are the piles of snow and muddy slush lining your driveway. The flowers bring a fresh curb appeal that you can use! Curb appeal is how you get people in the door to view your home. Without it, it is unlikely that you'll get much interest. 

4. No One Wants to Waste their Summer Moving

Finding a home, purchasing it, and moving can be long and tedious. When the weather is warm, and buyers have planned vacations, losing free time is on the mind. A spring purchase means that buyers can finish the move by early summer and be ready for that beach vacation!

5. Multiple Bids

It's always nice to have options. With so many buyers searching in the springtime, you can garner multiple bids on your home. Because of the options, you have an opportunity to decide what matters to you. Do you want to sell to the highest bidder? Or maybe your home carries a lot of sentimental value, and you want a family with young children living there? Multiple bids can be critical to sellers. 

6. Improved Moods All-Around

Did you know that spring brings about improved moods? It's true! Winter often brings depression and decreased mental health; the extended daylight and fresh air boost moods. When selling a house, it is always easier to get a buyer when people are generally happier. 

7. More Daylight

Why is daylight so crucial to selling a house? You can squeeze in more potential buyers to tour your home when you have longer days! Have a viewing at 8 am and another at 8 pm – with a few in between. With more viewings, you will have more chances to obtain offers. 

8. Perfect Weather

It's not too hot and not too cold. This means the temperature in your home won't scare off any buyers! You can open the windows and allow a breeze to pass through as people come in for a viewing. This allows for fresh air to move through the space and helps to bring joy to people that love the natural lighting passing through the blinds. 

9. Healthy Competition

What's a sale without a little healthy competition? When more homes are for sale during the spring, you have an opportunity to use the competition to your advantage. Offer competitive pricing against the house down the street, use superb photographs on your listing, and improve your staging. By making it a competition to sell your home faster or for more, you can incentivize yourself to get the sale!

10. Perfect Time for You to Buy, Too!

If you're selling your home, where are you going to live? The great thing about selling a home in the spring is buying a new home! Springtime brings about plenty of housing options for homebuyers. 

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